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Black tea originated in China. The earliest black tea was called Zhengxin Minor. It was created by the ancestors of Tongmu Village, Xingchen Town, Wuyi Mountain City, Fujian Province in the middle and late Ming Dynasty (1568). The Jiang family in Tongmu Village, Wuyi Mountain City is a tea family producing small zheng-mountain black tea varieties, which has a history of more than 400 years.Black tea belongs to the fully fermented tea class. It is made from the buds and leaves of tea trees, refined through the typical process such as withering, rolling (cutting), and fermentation and drying. Because of its dry tea color and brewed tea soup, it is called red tea.

1. Extremely tired
Caffeine in black tea stimulates the nerve center and concentration. It also stimulates the blood system and heart, accelerates blood circulation for metabolism and diuresis, which accelerates the excretion of lactic acid (muscle-tired substances) and other waste substances to eliminate fatigue.

2. Sheng Jin clear heat
Drinking black tea in summer can quench thirst because the polyphenols, classes, amino acids and pectin produce chemical reaction with saliva, and stimulate saliva secretion, make the mouth feel moist and feel cool; while the caffeine controls the temperature center, body temperature, it also stimulates the kidney to promote the excretion of heat and dirt, and maintain the physiological balance in the body.

3. Diuresis and swelling
Under the combination of caffeine and aromatic substances in black tea, increase the blood flow of the kidney, improve the glomerular filtration rate, dilate the renal microvessels, and inhibit the reabsorption of water by the renal tubules, thus contributing to an increase in urine volume.This is beneficial to excluding lactic acid, uric acid (related to gout), excessive salt (related to hypertension), harmful substances, etc., and relieving oedema caused by heart disease or nephritis.

4. Anti-inflammatory and bactericidal
The polyphenolic compounds in black tea have an anti-inflammatory effect, and it is found that catechins can bind to single-cell bacteria, making proteins solidify and precipitate, and inhibit and eliminate pathogens.Therefore, patients with bacterial dysentery and food poisoning can drink black tea, and the people also commonly use thick tea coated with wounds, bedsores and Hong Kong feet.

5. Anti-aging, stomach nourishing and stomach protection
People will feel uncomfortable when drinking green tea without a meal, which is because the important substance contained in tea, tea polyphenols, has convergence, has a certain stimulating effect on the stomach, and is more irritant on an empty stomach.And black tea is just so different.It is baked by fermentation.Black tea does not hurt the stomach, but can nourish the stomach.Often drink black tea with sugar and milk, which can reduce inflammation, protect the gastric mucosa, and also has a certain effect on the treatment of ulcer.
Hot summer, cold winter a cup of warm stomach and comfortable black tea is suitable for your drink anytime and anywhere.

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